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Update: Weekly Worship Services and Bible classes:

Our current services and Bible classes schedule:

Worship Services:

  • 10 AM Worship service (in-person & Livestream @ https://livestream.com/nbcoc).
  • 5 PM Worship service (in-person & Livestream @ https://livestream.com/nbcoc.
  • Communion will be available at both of our Sunday services (prepackaged, pick up on the foyer center table).
  • Offering -  Drop in the basket on the foyer center table.

Bible Classes:

  • Sunday 9AM & Wednesday 7PM our Bible classes are in-person at our building.
  • The auditorium adult class, Bible Geography, is also live-streamed @ www.livestream.com/nbcoc.
    Visitors are welcome and there is plenty of room to maintain social distancing.
  • High school students will join the adult classes.
  • Younger children’s Bible classes:
    • Under 2
    • 2-4 Yrs Old
    • K-2nd
    • 3rd-5th 
    • Middle school
  • Social distancing is encouraged to the maximum extent possible in all interior spaces, including: classrooms, hallways, restrooms, foyer & auditorium.
  • Center hallway is available for visitation during inclement and/or cold weather (including rear/West exit).

The Elders

The Spring Publication “Heaven” is now available!

The Spring 2021 quarterly publication "Heaven” is now available in the Publications area of our site! 

These articles are written by our members, please take some time to check this out!

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The updated 2021 daily Bible reading schedules are now available!

The updated 2021 daily Bible reading schedules are now available (special thanks to Gary Mangus for providing these!):

- Read the Old Testament Twice in 2021:

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-Read New Testament Seven Times in 2021:

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”(Daily Reading, ESV)

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