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February 2016

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  1. Teacher Meeting
    2/7/16 04:00pm
  2. Sun AM Bible Study
    2/7/16 09:00am
  3. Sun AM Worship
    2/7/16 10:00am
  4. Sun PM Worship
    2/7/16 05:00pm
  5. Wed PM Bible Study
    2/10/16 07:00pm
  6. Full Calendar

Welcome to the North Beach church of Christ!

The church of Christ that meets at 7025 N. Beach St. in Ft. Worth, TX is dedicated to being just Christians who follow what God teaches through his inspired word which alone is sufficient to guide us in all matters of faith. We are an undenominational group of followers who believe the five steps to becoming a Christian are hearing (Lk 11:28), believing (Mk 16:16), repenting (Acts 2:38), confessing (Matt 10:32) and being baptized for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38).

We are dedicated to spreading the gospel through local and worldwide evangelistic efforts where we support over 20 evangelists in the United States and 10 countries. We strive to worship our Lord in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:24). 

Come join us -- we would love to have you!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Spring Gospel Meeting!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Gospel Meeting on Friday, March 4th - Sunday, March 6th with Jeff Wilson.

Check back here for more details.

The Winter 2016 Quarterly Publication "The Full Armor Of God" is now available!

The Winter 2016 quarterly publication "The Full Armor of God" is now available in the Publications area of the site and also in printed form in the foyer. These articles are written by our members, please take some time to check this out!

**Click this link to be taken to the Publications section**

Sunday February 07 2016

Old Testament: Ex 20-21 Ex 20-21

(Daily Reading, ESV)