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The updated 2021 daily Bible reading schedules are now available!

The updated 2021 daily Bible reading schedules are now available (special thanks to Gary Mangus for providing these!):

- Read the Old Testament Twice in 2021:

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-Read New Testament Seven Times in 2021:

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Updated 12/5/20: Please take note of our upcoming Winter schedule of services and Bible classes (Public):

Begining Sunday, December 6, 2020 our new Winter Bible Class quarter will begin!*

All visitors will be our honored guests! We would love to have you attend either in-person or on our Livestream broadcast!

Our Winter schedule:

Begining December 6, 2020*:

  • We will continue to maintain our current Fall schedule of worship service and class times (on-site and Livestream).
  • Our full in-building schedule has been tentativly moved to 1/2/2021. 
  • This is based on current COVID conditions and may slip month-to-month as determind by the Elders.

Sunday AM Worship Service time: 10 am at our building,  and also livestreamed:

  • The worship service will also be availble live on our Livestream home page @ www.livestream.com/nbcoc.
  • You can download the Livestream app and follow us, or use your preferred browser.

For those attending our worship service in-person:

  • Communion will be offered with individual prepackaged communion set-ups.
  • Continue with one (gloved) person handing out communion set-ups in the foyer & 2 brothers officiating at the table.
  • Standing up is OK during appropriate portions of the worship service at the discretion of the service leader.
  • Continue with the Offering baskets on the foyer center table; Prayer by one of the brothers officiating at the table following communion.
  • Hand sanitizer & wipes will be available in the restrooms & foyer.
  • Use of disposable drinking cups at the water fountains is encouraged.
  • Face masks required; worn so as to cover nose & mouth.
  • Post service visitation encouraged in the parking lot outside the main foyer doors (while working together to maintain prudent social distancing) .
  • Use center the hallway for visitation during inclement and/or cold weather (including rear/West exit).

Sunday 6 PM Livestream Lesson:

  • There will be a 6pm evening lesson that will be available (only) on our Livestream home page @ www.livestream.com/nbcoc.


The New Winter Quarter Bible classes will begin Sunday, 12/6/20:

  • Classes will continnue to meet using our Fall schedue: Sunday 5 PM / Wednesday 7PM using Livestream and Zoom.
  • Three adult classes will be offered using Livestream and Zoom:
    • The Gospel of John class will be conducted using our Livestream home page @ www.livestream.com/nbcoc.
    • Ecclesiastes via Zoom.
    • Hard Sayings of Paul via Zoom.
    • Teachers will forward their Zoom meeting information.
  • There will be no dedicated high school class this quarter. High school students will be given priority to choose any of the other adult classes.
  • The Jr High class will meet using zoom.

This schedule will be re-evaluated as we approach 1/2/2021, please check here for any updates!

The Elders

    Spring 2020 quarterly publication "Worship” is now available!

    The Spring 2020 quarterly publication "Worship” is now available in the Publications area of the site.  

    These articles are written by our members, please take some time to check this out!

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    Saturday, January 23, 2021

    “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”(Daily Reading, ESV)

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