3/20/20 Update from the Elders re Sunday, March 22 & 29th services:

Plans for Sundays:
1.  Families to meet in small groups in homes of members
2.  Small groups have prayers, singing and the Lord’s Supper in the home where they meet
3.  A sermon will be streamed at:  at the regular time: 10am CT
Plans for Wednesdays:
-Livestream Bible studies will be available, join us at  (Wednesday's @ 7pm CT).
These will be conducted by Steven Baxley.
The existing member Bible classes will also continue. Notification by the current teachers will be made to the members via email. 
Planning for the following Sunday, March 29 (in addition to 1 - 3 above):
4.  Bible classes to be streamed on Sundays and other days of the week (details will be emailed to members by the current teachers).
5.  Laying by in store - account for your offering individually and store up until we're able to assemble once again  .
Use the Facebook page or church bulletin board (in addition to the old fashioned telephone) for members to request help if they are self quarantined and need food, drugs or other assistance.
Monitor the government proclamations with an eye to getting back to full group worship as soon as we are able.
The Elders

Addititional information will be posted here,  on the member dashboard section and through member emails.

Spring 2020 quarterly publication "Worship” is now available!

The Spring 2020 quarterly publication "Worship” is now available in the Publications area of the site.  

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The updated 2020 daily Bible reading schedules are now available!

The updated 2019 daily Bible reading schedules are now available (special thanks to Gary Mangus for providing these!):

- Read the Old Testament Twice in 2020:

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-Read New Testament Seven Times in 2020:

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